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Seva Mandir organizes community-based camps to provide Severe Acute Malnourished (SAM) Children from highly-remote areas in Rajasthan with medical care and treatment.


Malnutrition is a significant issue effecting children in Rajasthan, India. Govt. data shows only 3.4% of children aged between 6 – 23 months receive an adequate diet & 61% children are underweight. People tend not see malnourishment as a medical problem so do not seek treatment. When they do, hospitals are located far away, & parents lose vital income when they take children for treatment. This intervention reaches children aged from 7 months to 5 years old from poor rural & tribal families.


Seva Mandir runs community-based treatment camps in rural locations which enables us to identify & initiate treatment for children who are severely malnourished before they become seriously ill. Doctors & nurses provide treatment for SAM children with Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic Foods & routine medical care. SAM children who have medical complications are referred to hospitals for more intensive treatment. We run 40 camps a year, providing approx. than 700 children with life-saving treatment.

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